Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year too. I hope you got what you wanted for Christmas, I know I did. I want to thank my mom and dad foor the awesome gifts. Wanna know what my favorite part of Christmas is? Breakfast. We had brownies also we hung out together. It was awesome. Tell me in the comments below what you favorite part of Christmas was. Happy new year and merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Is Ending

2016 is close to an end. There have been some good times, some rough times, and in between. At the end  I have ended up in Tampa, Florida. I am attending a really big school called Burnett Middle School with my twin, Sebastian. My little sister, Cailin attends Mcdonald Elementary School in the second grade. I have so much fun here but, some memories from Kentucky hold me back. Back in April a terrible accident happened, our first dog Pi had died. He got out and it just happened. Then last week my great-grandma GiGi had passed. The worst part is that mom had to tell Nana right after her cruise. I did my best to comfort her. There is some good times as well, like when we went to Busch Gardens. We got in there for free  because dad works there. We are going there again tomorrow as a family trip. Almost all of dad's side of the family is going. This makes me really happy.

I hope you enjoyed 2016. I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a

                                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Monday, November 21, 2016

My Rights!

Hey guys. It's me again. I know two posts one day but, I just wanna get my point across of how America got screwed with just one election. It is mainly about women rights.
                                                                  WOMEN'S RIGHTS
    You might hear on commercials that Donald Trump does not support women. I think that is correct. You hear him say that you can control women if you do certain things. Most of them nasty. It says he walked in to a dressing room and look at 15 something year old girls and said they had nice bodies! Is that even allowed? He is like what 50.  You know a word for that "PERVERT!". That's right Donald Trump is considered a pervert. Oh yeah remember that one time an interviewer asked if he respected women and Donald Trump answered " I can't say that easily". Remember that? i do that was when i first found out that Donald Trump doesn't care for women's rights. What if he takes away our rights to do what we want to do? What then America? What will happen when my rights as a girl will be taken away?

Big News!

               Hey guys, Anastasia here i wanted to tell you some good news. I will be posting on my moms blog Not that Sarah Michelle. It will be an open letter on the new president Donald Trump. It will be expressing my feelings on the president and mom is the one who asked me. Now there will be a little bit of rude stuff but hey there is the first amendment. I hope that you go on her blog and take a look. It will  be posted tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving break and Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Never Change a Thing

Hey guys, in this post I am going to talk about some things. i will be getting serious. Here we go.
    I think it was two days ago or yesterday but I was talking to mom and I said you like yourself cause I was singing a song. And she said no I don't. But then I said yea your right you love yourself. She replied no I don't. I absolutely hated that. Mom if you are reading this I want to say you are perfect in a special way unlike any other. I am not just saying this cause I love you, I am saying this cause it is true. You manage staying with us through the roughest times. You manage living with us through the craziest times. You never ever left us through times when you had the chance. you stuck with us no matter what. You loved us when you didn't have too. I want to say that you should never change a thing. I am sorry that if you didn't want me to post this I know I should have asked but this is a message that I did not have the courage to say face to face. You can ground me as long as you learned something from this. EVERYONE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE UNIQUE AND PERFECT IN THEIR OWN WAY. Just know mom I love you for you. Not who you wanna be. Never change a thing. I love you very much. Never doubt yourself never say that you are not good enough because you are good enough. You have a loving  husband and three caring children. That is why you should love yourself. You have a wonderful personality and you are a wonderful caring mother.

                                                I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Keeping Your Cool

    Hey guys this post is to teach you how to keep your cool when someone is annoying you. This week on Wednesday this kid was being a real jerk. I mean come on who could keep their cool when someone like that is around them. i will be sharing my ways of keeping my cool and then in the comments share your ways of keeping your cool and I will respond. One way I keep my cool is i tap my fingers and my leg, to me that is very calm and relaxing. Another way I keep my cool is I hum a song. When I hum a song it takes my mind away from all the hatred from going on. The last way I keep my cool is to just simply ignore them and talk to friends. Ignoring them can give a signal that they aren't affecting you then they leave you alone. Never ever be mean back. That is exactly what they want. Just keep your cool. Don't forget tell me your ways of  keeping you cool in the comments. That is all I have for today. byeee.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Day

Hey guys i just finished my first day of school. Yay. I made friends just by being myself. Did you? If yes then what did I say it works. Just be yourself. Bye

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hey Girls....

       Hey girls I have just been talking about school and stuff and I have this blog to give advice so that is what I will be doing today. So today's advice is about how to be yourself. Now I don't know much about being myself but I do know a few things from experience.

       First things first: Act normal. At home do you sing to yourself ? Why can't you sing at school. Be goofy. I bet you that some kids do the same thing

       Dress like you:  You see all these kids dressing like other people just to be cool. They try to fit in but that gets them fake friends who will shame you if you don't act like them. I say screw it. Be yourself. Dress like you want and don't let anyone tell you other wise ( go by dress code).

       Don't try to hard:  I use to try so hard to fit in to where I started acting like other people. My real friends didn't like how I was acting. I was sitting with a whole new crowd full of fake friends. Trust me you only want real friends. Real friends will hold you up even if you are not fitting in. Don't try to hard to fit in stand out.

       Thank you for reading. Remember be yourself and you will do just fine. Bye!!!! 

It's The END!!!!

     Hi everybody. I am talking about the end of summer vacation. I know it can suck but at least you will see your friends again. So in this post I will give you the pros and cons of the end of summer and the beginning of school. Lets start:

                                      1.) See your friends again
                                      2.) New teachers
                                      3.) New friends

                                    1.) Textbooks
                                    2.) Homework
                                    3.) Tests

             Let me know your pros and cons of school in the comments. Goodbye.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Me and my Little Sis.

    I love my little sister. Yea I know that me and her fight a lot but I love her a lot. She is a big blessing. When you get another sibling think of it as a blessing. Because when they grow up they will go to  their friends and next thing you know it they have their own house and family. That is why you need to spend all your time with them. I haven't done that my self but now that I realize how fast they grow up I will now spend as much time with her as possible. Her name is Cailin. To me she is a big blessing to my life ( right next to my mom). Trust me you will miss them when they are little. Spend as much time with them as possible. In the blink of an eye they are growing up. That is all. Bye.

The Beginning of School

I recently just moved and now I am about to start a new school year at a new school in a new state. It can be stressful wondering how to fit in. If you can't figure out a way to fit in then stand out. At my old school I would always try to fit in so I would transition from different friend groups because each day I would go to school in a different way. I learned that does nothing good but get you fake friends. One day my mom told me on my way to my friends house she asked me this '' Would you want One hundred pennies or four quarters?'' I asked her what that meant and she said '' It means would you want a hundred fake friends weighing you down or four real friends.'' That taught me that having fake friends will just slow you down but real friends keep you pushing on. So remember when  starting a new school year just be yourself and you will be guaranteed to make real friends just like you. Have a good school year. Be yourself. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

                                                               A New Beginning
      It has been awhile before I have posted. so much has happened during this time mainly the most important thing that has happened was my move to Florida. It has been fun. There is so much to do here. I also had my twelfth Birthday here. I miss all my family back at home. But other than that I love it here.