Saturday, September 3, 2016

Keeping Your Cool

    Hey guys this post is to teach you how to keep your cool when someone is annoying you. This week on Wednesday this kid was being a real jerk. I mean come on who could keep their cool when someone like that is around them. i will be sharing my ways of keeping my cool and then in the comments share your ways of keeping your cool and I will respond. One way I keep my cool is i tap my fingers and my leg, to me that is very calm and relaxing. Another way I keep my cool is I hum a song. When I hum a song it takes my mind away from all the hatred from going on. The last way I keep my cool is to just simply ignore them and talk to friends. Ignoring them can give a signal that they aren't affecting you then they leave you alone. Never ever be mean back. That is exactly what they want. Just keep your cool. Don't forget tell me your ways of  keeping you cool in the comments. That is all I have for today. byeee.

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