Monday, September 5, 2016

Never Change a Thing

Hey guys, in this post I am going to talk about some things. i will be getting serious. Here we go.
    I think it was two days ago or yesterday but I was talking to mom and I said you like yourself cause I was singing a song. And she said no I don't. But then I said yea your right you love yourself. She replied no I don't. I absolutely hated that. Mom if you are reading this I want to say you are perfect in a special way unlike any other. I am not just saying this cause I love you, I am saying this cause it is true. You manage staying with us through the roughest times. You manage living with us through the craziest times. You never ever left us through times when you had the chance. you stuck with us no matter what. You loved us when you didn't have too. I want to say that you should never change a thing. I am sorry that if you didn't want me to post this I know I should have asked but this is a message that I did not have the courage to say face to face. You can ground me as long as you learned something from this. EVERYONE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE UNIQUE AND PERFECT IN THEIR OWN WAY. Just know mom I love you for you. Not who you wanna be. Never change a thing. I love you very much. Never doubt yourself never say that you are not good enough because you are good enough. You have a loving  husband and three caring children. That is why you should love yourself. You have a wonderful personality and you are a wonderful caring mother.

                                                I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Very nice.... Your mom is a special , special person... I love her for her....

  2. You are such an amazing little girl. You have a heart as big as the world. I love you so very much. I don't think Mom will ground you to bad. She should love herself and be very proud of herself for raising kids as AMAZING as you guys. Never forget that even though your far away. I carry all of you in my heart.

    Aunt Tracy

  3. I love you, sweetheart. Thank you so much. You make a mama feel proud!