Monday, November 21, 2016

My Rights!

Hey guys. It's me again. I know two posts one day but, I just wanna get my point across of how America got screwed with just one election. It is mainly about women rights.
                                                                  WOMEN'S RIGHTS
    You might hear on commercials that Donald Trump does not support women. I think that is correct. You hear him say that you can control women if you do certain things. Most of them nasty. It says he walked in to a dressing room and look at 15 something year old girls and said they had nice bodies! Is that even allowed? He is like what 50.  You know a word for that "PERVERT!". That's right Donald Trump is considered a pervert. Oh yeah remember that one time an interviewer asked if he respected women and Donald Trump answered " I can't say that easily". Remember that? i do that was when i first found out that Donald Trump doesn't care for women's rights. What if he takes away our rights to do what we want to do? What then America? What will happen when my rights as a girl will be taken away?