Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Is Ending

2016 is close to an end. There have been some good times, some rough times, and in between. At the end  I have ended up in Tampa, Florida. I am attending a really big school called Burnett Middle School with my twin, Sebastian. My little sister, Cailin attends Mcdonald Elementary School in the second grade. I have so much fun here but, some memories from Kentucky hold me back. Back in April a terrible accident happened, our first dog Pi had died. He got out and it just happened. Then last week my great-grandma GiGi had passed. The worst part is that mom had to tell Nana right after her cruise. I did my best to comfort her. There is some good times as well, like when we went to Busch Gardens. We got in there for free  because dad works there. We are going there again tomorrow as a family trip. Almost all of dad's side of the family is going. This makes me really happy.

I hope you enjoyed 2016. I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a

                                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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