Tuesday, June 20, 2017

my summer so far

Here is what has happened this summer so far. Ok, so I made an amazing best friend named Maddy before school ended. Before summer i normally would hang out with her until mom got off work because she lives in the park mom works at. But this summer it's like I live there. I've been going to her house more often and staying the night for 3 - 4 nights maybe 5. We have a lot of fun. I'm even going to the beach with them soon. Dad got a job so with mom and dad both working me, Sebastian, and Cailin have been spending time with my nana, who I love very much. Us as a family have a lot of fun together. Like today me, dad, Sebastian, and Cailin went to the mall in Brandon, Red Robins (yummmmm), Toys R Us, and Wal - mart. I had so much fun with them today. I've gotten to sleep in for a while which I'm glad for because I hated waking up around 7:30 for school. This summer on July 24th me and Sebastian will be turning 13, going into the 8th grade. I got my hair dyed red on Sunday. Yes my whole head. Thanks dad for doing an amazing job with it. I can't wait see what else is in store for the rest of the summer. That is all. Bye.

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