Monday, January 8, 2018


I have some cute fashion ideas to help you look stylish for back to school.

I have been called a basic white girl many times, but some times basic white girls can look super stylish. A cute bwg look is a pair of skinny jeans, a grey long sleeve sweater, a pastel pink infinity scarf, and a pair of black uggs. Top it off with a gorgeous messy bun.

With winter comes laziness. It gets so cold that sometimes you just wanna do nothing but sit around. Here's a super cute look for that. A pair of cute joggers, a cute tank top, and a jacket. Wear a messy bun.

One last winter look is just something i wear on a daily basis is a pair of skinny jeans, a cute t-shirt from hot topic, and a pair of black combat boots. To top it off i wear cute bear ear buns with two little strands of hair left out in front.

I hope you find these outfits cute because once i awhile i will be posting some cute styles for us teenage girls. That is all i have for today my beautiful people. Have a fantabulous day. Boo bye.

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